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Nutrition is fundamental to your existence, and poor nutrition can have a devastating effect on your health. If you’re concerned about your nutrient intake, Teresa Diaz, MD, of Orgasmic Medicine, Inc. can assess your current nutritional status and recommend supplementation for any deficiencies to ensure optimal health. Dr. Diaz believes that supporting natural detoxification systems in your body, often affected by diet and nutrition, is a contributor to addressing many chronic health issues. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Diaz by calling the office in Sacramento, California, or using the online booking tool.

Nutrition and Supplements Q & A

What is nutrition?

Nutrition provides the essential building blocks for life. You get nourishment from the food and drinks you consume, which your body breaks down into its constituent parts. This takes place in your gastrointestinal (GI) tract, starting when you chew food and then swallow it. 

As the food passes through your digestive system, it gets broken down further so your body can extract every available nutrient. The main nutrient groups are:


While any trans fat or too much saturated fat is bad for your health, getting enough healthy dietary fat is essential. Fat is a concentrated source of energy, and if you consume more than you need, your body stores the excess in case it needs it in the future.


Starches and sugars also provide fuel for your body. You only need carbohydrates in moderation, and overconsumption of carbs can cause health problems and weight gain.


Protein is used for growth and tissue repair, and is an essential part of your daily diet.


Dietary fiber is a tough material that doesn’t provide much nutrition, but is essential for healthy gut function.

Vitamins and minerals

These micronutrients need to be present at specific levels in your body to achieve optimum health. They function as helpers in vital tasks in all your tissues and organs, and any deficiency can have serious consequences.

What are supplements?

A well-balanced, varied diet that contains fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and high-quality protein sources should provide you with all the nutrition you need, but some people also need to take supplements.

Dr. Diaz is an expert in nutrition and digestion, and uses micronutrient testing to determine whether you have any dietary deficiencies.

Why might I need supplements?

There are several reasons why you might benefit from taking supplements:


Some people’s digestive systems don’t extract everything they require from their food, so they need supplements to top up their levels of micronutrients.


You might find it difficult to take in the optimum quantity of micronutrients when you’re pregnant. Expectant moms and women who are considering trying to get pregnant should also take a folic acid supplement during pregnancy to prevent their baby from developing neural tube defects like spina bifida.

Weight loss

If you need to lose a significant amount of weight, you might need supplements to get all the nutrients you need.


You might need to take a supplement when you’ve been ill to boost recovery and get your micronutrient levels back up.

As well as nutrients and micronutrients, you might also benefit from having the gut microbiome restored. Some illnesses and treatments, such as antibiotics, can kill the beneficial bacteria living in your gut that make up the microbiome, and this needs correcting with a bacteria boosting supplement containing probiotics, which are gut-friendly bacteria.

Make sure you’re getting optimal nutrition and supplements by calling Orgasmic Medicine, Inc. or booking an appointment online.